Happy 59th Anniversary! 01/11/2014
Happy 59th Anniversary!
The Cyprus Turkish Football Association which was established on 29 October 1955, that stands today as the first and the oldest sports federation of the Turkish Cypriots, has celebrated its 59th anniversary with pride. 
Established on the day that coincides with the Republic Day of Turkey, the CTFA gives direction to the Turkish Cypriot youth in general and to the football lovers in particular. 

Our federation that embraces the latest technologies in the world, works hard to unite the Turkish Cypriot youth with the international arena in football. The biggest proof of this was the signature we put last year on November 5th in Zurich under the auspices of FIFA and UEFA. 
As the sole authority of football in the Turkish Cypriot community, we are determined to do our utmost to continue to deserve the trust of our members. 

Cyprus Turkish Football Association

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