Say NO! to Doping 16/10/2014
Say NO! to Doping

Any substance or method, to improve the performance of sports practicioners, contrary to the ethics of sport, that can damage the athlete's physical and mental health practices is considered as doping. DOPING is a totally unfair practice and a dangerous way to influence the athlete's performance upgrades, totally against the the sport's code of ethics.

The CTFA Board of Directors for this purpose, has decided to issue the Directive concerning Doping in football which was published in circulars dated 02.10.2014.

The purpose of this Directive;

* To ensure the protection of the physical and mental health of the sportsmen while ensuring that sports is practiced in line with international principles and values.

* To set the regulations, rules and responsibilities of the Anti-doping Council of the TRNC which is the body in charge of the prevention of doping in football.

* To prevent the entry into the country or the use of the prohibited substances, in this way, maintaining the football players’ health, in line with sport ethics and integrity, giving everyone an equal chance for competition, while providing the appropriate punishment in case of violation of the aforementioned principles. 

Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) Application Form

Medicine Declaration Form
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